Stop the arms trade, London tomorrow

This video from England is called DSEi Arms Trade Fair protests, London 2005.

From the Stop the War site in Britain:

Demonstrate against the UK arms trade

Tuesday 8 September 11.00am
DSEi Fair, ExCel Centre, London’s Docklands,
Called by the Campaign Against the Arms Trade
Supported by Stop the War Coalition

Campaign Against the Arms Trade: Britain is the fourth largest arms dealer in the league of countries trading in weapons of mass slaughter, with over £5 billion of sales annually.

The UK government is fully embedded in this deadly trade. Its UK Trade & Investment department has more staff devoted to supporting the arms trade than all other industry sectors combined.

The job of these civil servants is to help private companies sell arms.

The arms trade is notorious for its corruption and it has no qualms about who it sells its weaponry to, whether it is to countries involved in conflict or repressive regimes classified as ‘major countries of concern’ in the UK government’s own human rights report.

Every year our govenment actively supports one of the largest arms fairs in the world, the Defence Systems and Equipment International, or DSEi.

Arms fairs such as DSEi play a key role in the devastating global arms trade; a trade which fuels conflict, undermines development, and exacerbates poverty and human rights abuses. While arms fairs cost the taxpayer millions of pounds through government support, arms companies make massive profits from the violence, death and destruction the arms trade perpetuates.

The Campaign Against the Arms Trade (CAAT) has long campaigned for the closure of DSEi — which is staged every other year — and for an end to the British government support for the arms trade.

This year DSEi takes place at the ExCel Centre in London’s Docklands, beginning Tuesday 8 September and CAAT will hold a demonstration on that day from 11am, calling for an end to the fair.

In the afternoon of Tuesday 8 September, CAAT will take its protest to UKTI DSO’s office to expose its role in perpetuating this deadly trade.

For further information about CAAT, Britain’s involvement in the arms trade and the 8 September demonstration, see CAAT’s website:

Bernard Gray’s suppressed report on arms procurement, originally commissioned last year by former defence secretary John Hutton, seems to have caused a minor sensation by opening up a can of worms on cost overruns standing collectively at £30 billion, and delays that run into years if not decades. So what’s new? Here.

Arms dealer Bout: here.

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