Iggy and the Stooges reunion

From British daily The Guardian:

Iggy and the Stooges to perform Raw Power in London

The proto-punk trailblazers have announced two shows in which they will play their landmark 1973 album in its entirely

* Sean Michaels
*Monday 7 September 2009

Iggy Pop has reunited with guitarist James Williamson, re-forming the Stooges’ early-70s lineup to play their legendary album Raw Power at two shows next year.

Williamson remembers Iggy calling him earlier this year, while he was in his dentist’s parking lot. The pair had not spoken in two decades. “[Iggy] asked me if I wanted to play guitar again,” Williamson told Rolling Stone. “I was about to take early retirement from my job in Silicon Valley, so I figured ‘What the hell, let’s do it.'”

This weekend, Williamson played his first concert since the Stooges broke up in 1974. It was with San Jose band Careless Hearts, with whom he has been jamming since Iggy made that call. Williamson also practised with the Stooges – minus Iggy – in Los Angeles in August. Those rehearsals will resume on 20 September, this time with Iggy at the microphone. Mike Watt, formerly of the Minutemen, has replaced the late Ron Asheton on bass. “We’re rehearsing songs from Raw Power, The Stooges, Fun House and Kill City,” Williamson said. “It kind of naturally came back to me.”

This is no small miracle. Iggy and Williamson had a “blowout” during sessions for Iggy’s 1980 album, Soldier. Williamson quit music, moved to the San Francisco Bay Area, and got into computers.

Public Image Ltd set to reform: here.

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