United States economic news

United States bailout, cartoon

The unemployment rate in the US rose to 9.7 percent in August, its highest level since 1983, as the economy shed 216,000 jobs. Economists had anticipated a more modest increase in the unemployment rate, to 9.5 percent over the 9.4 recorded in July: here.

Unemployment in the USA, cartoon by Mikhaela

A detailed study released Wednesday reveals that violations of labor laws are the rule, not the exception, in low-wage industries in the US: here.

As a result of the government’s bailout, the largest US banks are gaining control of an ever greater share of financial markets and using their monopolistic position to gouge consumers and small businesses: here.

The 16th annual Institute for Policy Studies “Executive Excess” report exposes this year’s windfalls for top financial bailout recipients [in the USA]: here.

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