4 thoughts on “US economic crisis damages mental health

  1. Mexico: Poverty skyrockets

    World Bank data indicate that 4.2 million Mexicans have fallen into poverty so far this year. Latin America and Caribbean totals for the newly poor are 8.3 million people, 3.6 million of them living in extreme poverty. Mexico’s poor now number 54.8 million, 51 percent of the population.

    Increased dependence on imported grains and meat contributed to the trend, reported La Jornada, especially as food costs rise worldwide.

    Noting rising car sales and employment, the Wall Street Journal took heart from a second-quarter GDP contraction of only 4.4 percent rather than the first quarter 5.8 percent drop. “These numbers are much better than expected,” it claimed, citing Moody’s Economy.com: “Mexico will possibly be leaving recession by the end of the third quarter.”



  2. India: Communist Party responds to food emergency

    Drought-caused food shortages presently threaten 700 million people. Food prices are up 10 percent. According to the BBC, Agricultural Minister Sharad Pawar described the situation as “grim” for “providing drinking water, livelihood and food, particularly for the small and marginal farmers and landless laborers.”

    On Aug. 26 the Communist Party of India (Marxist) held a “National Convention on the Right to Food and Against Price Rise.” General Secretary Prakash Karat called for a “people’s movement,” national food self-sufficiency, and blanket application of the Public Distribution System rather than targeted allocations. He dismissed proposed Congress Party food security legislation as “retrograde.” Quoted by The Hindu, he declared, “Every citizen should have the right to food.”



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