Securicor mercenaries in Afghanistan

This is a live video of the song Securiror by punk band Crass. Lyrics are here. Securiror is an alias for G4S.

From Mother Jones in the USA:

Animal House in Afghanistan

By Daniel Schulman

Tue September 1, 2009 10:19 AM PST

Drunken brawls, prostitutes, hazing and humiliation, taking vodka shots out of buttcracks— no, the perpetrators of these Animal House-like antics aren’t some depraved frat brothers. They are the private security contractors guarding Camp Sullivan, otherwise known as the US Embassy in Kabul.

These allegations, and many more, are contained in a letter sent to Secretary of State of Hillary Clinton on Tuesday by the Project on Government Oversight, which has been investigating the embassy security contract held by ArmorGroup North America (a subsidiary of Wackenhut, which is in turn owned by the security behemoth G4S). The contractor was the subject of a congressional probe earlier this summer that found serious lapses in the company’s handling of the embassy security contract, which internal State Department documents said left the embassy compound “in jeopardy.” Nevertheless, the government opted to extend the company’s 5-year, $189 million contract for another year.

See also here.

American embassy contractors in Kabul accused of ritual abuse: here. See also this video.

Civilian contractors working for the Pentagon in Afghanistan not only outnumber the uniformed troops, according to a report by a Congressional research group, but also form the highest ratio of contractors to military personnel recorded in any war in the history of the United States: here.

A classified report issued by the US commander in Afghanistan, Gen. Stanley McChrystal, sets the stage for a major increase in US troop levels: here.

Support for the war in Afghanistan has fallen to an all-time low in the United States, according to a national poll published Tuesday by CNN.

Exclusive: Controversial Blackwater Security Firm Gets Iraq Contract Extended by State Dept: here.

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6 thoughts on “Securicor mercenaries in Afghanistan

  1. Australians investigated over Kabul ‘deviancy’
    September 4, 2009

    SEVERAL Australians are among a group of foreign security guards at the US embassy in Afghanistan who are being investigated over drunken and deviant parties.

    The guards are employed by ArmorGroup, the security company that employed the Australian security contractor shot dead last month by a British colleague after a late-night drinking session. Darren Hoare and a British colleague were shot dead in Baghdad.

    The Australians employed by the company as security guards are mostly former members of the Australian Defence Force or Australian police forces.

    US authorities said about 300 of the 450 ArmorGroup guards at the embassy are Gurkhas. The rest are Australians, South Africans and Americans.

    US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has ordered an investigation into allegations that guards at the embassy in Kabul were engaged in wild parties noted for the sort of anarchy and bullying detailed in the William Golding novel Lord of the Flies.

    The inquiry comes after an independent group sent Mrs Clinton a dossier claiming that guards at the embassy had been engaged in drunken parties involving prostitutes and ritual humiliation. Pictures and video footage were attached.

    The dossier, compiled by Project on Government Insight, includes an email allegedly from a guard in Kabul describing scenes in which guards and supervisors are ”peeing on people, eating potato chips out of [buttock] cracks, vodka shots out of [buttock] cracks (there is video of that one)”.

    US State Department spokesman Ian Kelly said the allegations were being taken seriously.


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