Oxford University breaks with Conservative Association

This video from the USA is about the Conservative Political Forum, selling racist “Obama Waffles”.

From the New Statesman in Britain:

Tory boys in trouble

* Posted by Mehdi Hasan

* 01 September 2009 10:56

Oxford University cuts its links with young Conservatives

The Daily Mail reports:

“Oxford University has banned its students’ Conservative Association from using its name after a race row.

The university has severed all links with the Oxford University Conservative Association (OUCA) and ordered it to change its name.

OUCA, which boasts Margaret Thatcher as its patron and William Hague as Honorary President, was embroiled in a scandal in June when student politicians were urged to compete to see who could tell the most offensive racist joke.

Nick Gallagher, the group’s publications officer, was asked to repeat ‘the most inappropriate joke you have ever told’ as part of a drunken hustings for the next president of the body.

He said: ‘What do you say when you see a television moving around in the dark? Drop it n****r, or I’ll shoot you!'”

Three cheers for Oxford University! It’s about time the powers that be took some sort of action against the loons, wackos and wingnuts of OUCA. I witnessed their mad antics as a student at Oxford in the late 1990s – I vividly remember a Tory boy named John Storey who, in the words of the Oxford Student newspaper, once disrupted a student union meeting with “Nazi-style salutes, cries of “Viva Pinochet” and alleged drunken behaviour”. (If you want to get a taste of the right-wingery, and anti-social behaviour, of OUCA and its members over the years, check out the detailed Wikipedia entry here.)

The Mail also reports:

The Conservatives said OUCA was not part of the Party, although many association members were also members of the party.

A spokesman said: ‘People who behave in this disgusting and reprehensible-way have no place in the Conservative Party.'”

This is entirely predictable – and wholly inaccurate. Despite repeated denials and evasions by Central Office, the fact is that the nutjobs of OUCA have always found a home in the official Conservative Party – as blogger Paul Sagar noted in June:

“…this official excuse of non-affiliation is hard to square with the Conservative party‘s friendly relations with OUCA. In 2008 five members of the shadow cabinet – including David Cameron and George Osborne – spoke at OUCA meetings. This year alone, John Redwood, Michael Gove, Viscount Monckton, newly re-elected Tory MEP Daniel Hannan, Edward Leigh (chair of the uber-rightwing Cornerstone group) and former Tory leader Michael Howard have all spoken at OUCA.

But then, it’s hardly surprising that OUCA and the Conservative party are on such friendly terms. OUCA’s alumni include Margaret Thatcher, William Hague, Jonathon Aitken, Lord Rees-Mogg and Daniel Hannan.

OUCA is a breeding ground for future Tory stars. It is not a fringe organisation trying to jump on the establishment bandwagon, it’s the youth wing of the national party. That’s why so many top Tory politicians were members, and why so many still attend OUCA events. Yet time and again OUCA members are exposed as racists.”

Over to you, Tory party spokesman….

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5 thoughts on “Oxford University breaks with Conservative Association

  1. No-nonsense, whisky-loving Thatcher


    30 December 2009

    HIGH standards, a short fuse and a taste for whisky – Maggie Thatcher’s traits are exposed in secret files just released today. Â


    By Katherine Haddon


    The files, covering the first few months of her premiership, reveal she refused a guard of 20 “karate ladies” when she visited Japan soon after becoming prime minister in 1979 and personally handled pistols to decide which model was best for police in Northern Ireland.

    Her impatience for the failings of ministers and civil servants less formidable than herself is also shown in a volley of curt, scrawled annotations on documents.

    Perhaps the most unusual story in the files relates to her attendance at the Tokyo Economic Summit in June 1979, the month after she was elected Britain’s first female premier.

    British officials heard of Japanese plans to lay on 20 “karate ladies” to provide her security at the event, but Thatcher insisted she did not want them.

    “The Prime Minister would like to be treated in exactly the same way as the other visiting Heads of Delegation; it is not the degree of protection that is in question but the particular means of carrying it out,” a confidential official communique from the Foreign Office said.

    “If other Delegation leaders, for example, are each being assigned 20 karate gentlemen, the Prime Minister would have no objection to this; but she does not wish to be singled out.”

    Another document records a conversation between Thatcher and the then US President Jimmy Carter at the White House in December 1979.

    She was trying to persuade him to reverse the US policy of not selling arms to Northern Ireland’s police force, the Royal Ulster Constabulary (RUC).

    Arguing her case, Thatcher said, according to the official record: “She herself had handled both of the gun(s) which the RUC at present used and that which was on order.

    “There was no doubt that the American Ruger was much better.”

    A file on her first visit to France in June to meet president Valery Giscard d’Estaing revealed that embassy staff in Paris paid for her duty-free cigarettes and alcohol.

    They later had to chase Downing Street for a refund.

    An invoice in the file lists one bottle of Teacher’s whisky, known to be her drink of choice; one bottle of gin, a “snifter” of which was favoured by her husband, Denis; and 200 Benson and Hedges cigarettes for Thatcher and a senior Downing Street figure.

    Elsewhere, Thatcher berates officials for not providing a “sufficiently interesting” itinerary for the first day of her maiden tour to the US and requests a “fuller program” in New York.

    She furiously annotates documents in blue fountain pen, adding notes, underlining and even correcting officials’ grammar.


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