Again, trade unionist murdered in Uribe’s Colombia

This video is called EU-Colombia FTA against the advice of trade unions and human rights organisations.

A video which used to be on the Internet used to say about itself:

Colombian trade union leader Jesús Lorenzo Brochero Erazo talks about his union Sintracarbon, the union representing workers in the Cerrejon coal mine, one of the largest open pit coal mines in the world. He is visiting Canada to highlight Colombian union and social movement opposition to the 2008 Canada-Colombia Free Trade Agreement.

From the international trade union organization ITUC, about the country where over half of the world’s murders of trade unionists take place:

No end to assassinations of trade unionists in Colombia

Brussels, 27 August 2009: Once again the ITUC must strongly denounce and condemn the death of a Colombian trade unionist. This time the victim was Fredy Díaz Ortiz, a member of the prison workers’ union Asociación Sindical de Empleados del Instituto Nacional Penitenciario y Carcelario (ASEINPEC) affiliated to the Confederación General del Trabajo (CGT), who was killed on 22 August 2009 in the city of Valledupar, César.

The ITUC joins TUCA and its Colombian affiliates in roundly condemning this murder, which is yet another source of grief for workers and the national, regional and international trade union movement. The assassination took place as Fredy Díaz Ortiz was waiting for a lift to his place of work at the Maximum Security Prison in Valledupar. Two unidentified persons on a motorcycle fired several bullets at him and the brutal attack resulted in his death.

The Internet site of the union of murdered trade unionist Fredy Díaz Ortiz is not working at the moment. Just a technical problem; or censorship by the Uribe government in Colombia, the bosses of Fredy Díaz Ortiz, who don’t really like trade unions?

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