United States healthcare debates cartoon

Healthcare debates in the USA, cartoon by Mikhaela

This cartoon by Mikhaela from the USA is about healthcare debates. From her blog:

Drew this a few weeks ago after my parents encountered some unpleasant characters with Obama-Hitler signs at a town hall. If I had drawn more recently he’d be toting a bunch of machine guns.

The present US healthcare system: here.

Right-wing march in Washington against Obama health care plan: here.

“Sick for Profit”: Robert Greenwald Documentary Exposes Salaries, Claim Denials of Health Care Profiteers: here.

3 thoughts on “United States healthcare debates cartoon

  1. Private Health Insurance Companies Increase Healthcare Costs and Reduce Care: End Them

    By Meg White

    August 27, 2009

    This is a fascinating piece from our recent archives about PBS censorship:

    >From the BuzzFlash archives from April 2009 — PBS Censored NYT Reporter Who Asserted that For-Profit Health Insurance Costs are a Leading Cause of Bloated Healthcare Pricetag. He Ended Up Withdrawing from the Program. Why Did PBS Censor Him? Good Question. Could It be Due to Corporate Underwriting, Which Amounts to “Soft” Advertising? Good Question. — BuzzFlash News Analysis


    Private Health Insurance Companies Increase Healthcare Costs and Reduce Care: End Them

    by Meg White

    In the coming months, we will see the development of a new healthcare system in Washington. Concessions will be made on all sides and everyone is nervous about what those concessions might be.

    While many of us hope for single-payer, universal healthcare, the fact is that the political will might not exist for it. However, no matter what the Obama Administration decides to call the final product, private health insurance companies need to disappear from the equation.

    It seems the Obama Administration, and most congressional Democrats, are afraid of single-payer’s association with socialized medicine. But doctors don’t have to work for the government for this healthcare reform initiative to be successful. According to Washington Post correspondent T.R. Reid, private health insurance companies — not private doctors — need to go.

    Reid’s book, The Healing of America: A Global Quest for Better, Cheaper and Fairer Health Care, will be published this summer. Reid has been traveling the world learning about other countries’ healthcare systems, while keeping in mind the idiosyncrasies of American patients and doctors, to try and figure out what will work best here.
    Reid found that, while advances in healthcare are driving up costs all over the world, the astronomically high prices in this country originate with insurance companies.

    Not only do insurance companies allow the pharmaceutical industry to charge Americans many times the prices others pay for the same medicine, but also internal costs take a big chunk of change as well. Administrative costs for public insurance systems hover around 3 percent, while private insurance companies spent 25-31 percent on such costs. Overhead among private insurers in the U.S. is nine times that of Canada’s single-payer system.
    U.S. health insurance companies have also institutionalized a reduction in quality of care. A lot of those extra administrative costs are spent on hiring people to try and deny coverage and claims.

    But even these relatively moderate views on healthcare reform are being pushed aside by the health insurance industry and the media. Reid, who has done one documentary for PBS’ “Frontline” accompanying his international reporting on five foreign healthcare regimes called Sick Around the World, was again commissioned by PBS to do a similar documentary called Sick Around America. But Frontline so skewed Reid’s reporting that he refused to appear in the final product and says he won’t work with Frontline in the future.

    The Sick Around America producers invited the president of the leading health insurance lobbyist group onto the program and essentially agreed with her statements on the need to keep the insurance companies in charge and force every American to sign up with them as a reform measure. (An interesting look at how this proposal works for and is being pushed by the health insurance lobby, check out this recent L.A. Times business column.)

    page 2:



  2. Last weekend, Senator Joe Lieberman (I-CT) was all over TV promising to kill healthcare reform by supporting a Republican filibuster. Today, just hours after the House passed its bill, he repeated his threat on FOX.

    Even though Lieberman campaigned against President Obama, Senate Democrats let him keep his chairmanship of the Homeland Security Committee because he promised to support Democratic bills. Now he’s broken his promise.

    Tell Harry Reid to hold Joe Lieberman accountable for blocking healthcare reform by taking away his committee chair.

    Bob Fertik

    CREDO Action | more than a network. a movement.

    Tell Harry:
    Joe Must Go

    Sen. Joe Lieberman (I-CT) plans to join with Republicans to filibuster any health care bill that contains a public option. Alone, the Republicans don’t have the votes for a filibuster. So by joining with them, Lieberman would be tipping the balance of power in order to sink health care reform.

    We need to push the leaders of the Democratic caucus to take a tough stand against Lieberman. Tell Harry Reid to fire Joe Lieberman as chair of the Homeland Security Committee.

    Last year, the New York Times quoted an anonymous “member of the Senate Democratic leadership” who said about Lieberman: “We need every vote. He’s with us on everything but the war.” Apparently Joe lied to the Senate Democrats.

    Now is the time for Senate Democratic leadership — Senators Reid, Schumer, and Durbin — to stop making excuses for Joe Lieberman. Harry Reid has shown great leadership in writing a health care bill that includes the public option. But Joe Lieberman is not “with us” on everything but the war. Joe Lieberman’s position is against Senate Democrats, against his constituents in Connecticut and against the will of the American public.
    Tell Harry: Joe Must Go

    Thank you for working to secure real health care reform.

    Matt Lockshin, Campaign Manager
    CREDO Action from Working Assets


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