Tanzanian workers angry about fat cats

This video is called UNICEF: National campaign for child survival in Tanzania.

From The Citizen (Dar es Salaam, Tanzania):

Tanzania: Trade Unions Up in Arms on Pay Raise for ‘Fat Cats’

Mkinga Mkinga

26 August 2009

The government’s decision to increase salaries for politicians and judges has angered civil servants. Speaking to The Citizen yesterday, trade union leaders termed the move as a betrayal to Tanzanian workers.

The Teachers Union president, Mr Gratian Mkoba, said the news surprised him as he was not aware of the Government’s plans.

“I’m a member of the consultative council, which has been negotiating with the government on workers’ claims. The Government has never hinted at such massive salary increase for a particular cadre of people,” he said.

He said it was an indication that the Government had money and therefore he would start demanding for salary increase for teachers.

Tucta acting secretary general Nicholous Mgaya said the move to increase salaries for politicians and judges would widen the gap between the ‘fat cats’ and the civil servants.

“The salary increase shows that some people live in another country, not Tanzania where other workers receive meagre amounts,” he said. Mr Mgaya said the Government had said it did not have enough funds for salary increase and only raised the minimum salary rates by Sh4,100. …

The government has doubled the salaries for the Speaker of the National Assembly and the Chief Justice effective this financial year.

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