Economic crisis

US cartoon about the bank bailout, by Hurwitt

Alabama-based Colonial Bank collapsed Friday, bringing the total number of US bank failures so far this year to 77: here.

Just as the New Orleans Superdome, packed with refugees from Hurricane Katrina, shocked the world in 2005, the scene in Inglewood, California gives a glimpse of the social crisis devastating America: here.

USA: Upper echelons of high-rolling chief executives were dominated by the executives running energy businesses which prospered as the commodity prices soared last summer: here.

UK unemployment rose to a 14-year high in June, as economists warned it could surpass the 3.5 million mark: here.

Britain: Banking giant Barclays has handed millions of pounds of “compensation” to Barclaycard chief executive Antony Jenkins after he failed to win a promised promotion: here.

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