Movie star Shah Rukh Khan arrested as ‘terrorist’

George W. Bush may be gone from the White House … his successor Barack Obama may have dumped Bush’s slogan “War on terror” …. however, unfortunately, not all of the hysteria and paranoia associated with Bush is gone in the USA.

After Sikhs were injureed or murdered in the USA for “looking like Muslims” while all Muslims supposedly were terrorists blah blah blah … and very many non Muslims were supposedly terrorists as well blah blah blah … after famous Egyptian Egyptologist Hawass was arrested as a “terrorist” at a US airport … after a small seven year old British Muslim boy was stopped three times in the USA for supposedly being a “terrorist” … after Professor Gates was arrested for being African American in his own home … after Bob Dylan was stopped by police for being “eccentric” … today, news about a world famous Indian “Bollywood” movie star. From Crabbie´s Hollywood blog in the USA:

Shah Rukh Khan Is Not A Terrorist

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan is not a happy man after being detained for 2 hours at the Newark airport because his name came up on a watch list.

“Certain countries have issues with my name,” Khan said afterward. “I am very proud of my name.”

Khan called the US paranoid about Muslims. He neglected to mention that we’re also paranoid about Christians like Barack Obama who we think are Muslims because their middle name is Hussein. Yup, pretty much, the name is all it takes.

Reports say Khan was freed after someone from the Indian consulate in New York came over to reassure the immigration goons that they hadn’t captured the world’s most fearsome terrorist, but a guy who plays heroic helicopter pilots and wacky alcoholics who will die if they have even one more drink.

British Islamophobe Melanie Phillips: here.

The Swiss, known for cheese, Alps, watches, chocolate and secret bank accounts, at least two of which are full of holes, have now added a sixth important product – intolerance. Some 57.5 per cent of its eight million population, or of those who went to the polls, voted to forbid minarets next to Muslim mosques.

Swiss Muslims gain support from unexpected source – rabbis: here.

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