Grey plover and hundreds of spoonbills

Before I was at Balgzand nature reserve today, I was at a railway station. Chicory flowers. A lesser black bellied gull on a lamppost. Coot sounds.

Near Julianadorp, a kestrel hovering in the air.

Then, the hide near Balgzandkanaal nature reserve.

Many gray lag geese. Lapwings. Scores of spoonbills. Many redshanks.

Gadwall ducks. A teal.

A turnstone. Two common sandpipers. Two buzzards. One of those has a peculiar white head.

Then, to the information center. There are aquariums, with sea anemones, three spined sticklebacks, and a small-spotted catshark.

Along the Wadden sea dike, Sandwich terns and black terns flying.

Over a hundred bar tailed godwits. Three little egrets flying.

Then, the main Balgzand hide. Hundreds of spoonbills, great cormorants, and oystercatchers. Also hundreds of bar tailed godwits and dunlin.

In between those plentiful species, grey plovers in their beautiful summer plumage.

Also knot and curlew sandpipers.

Greenshanks and whimbrels.

A wheatear sitting on a fence.

Balgzand marine animals: here.

Caspian plover on Texel island: here.

Sandwich terns of Griend: here.

2 thoughts on “Grey plover and hundreds of spoonbills

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