Wollemi pines at Australian resort

From the New York Times in the USA:

August 13, 2009, 5:00 pm

“Extinct” Tree Grows at New Australian Resort

By Hilary Howard

In 1994, a prehistoric tree once believed to be extinct — the Wollemi Pine – was discovered in the Blue Mountains of Australia. Since then, the exact locations of the 100 or so adult trees have become one of Australia’s best kept secrets. Only a handful of scientists and conservationists know where to find them.

Now anyone can find them—well, at least a cultivated version of them—for a price. The Wolgan Valley Resort and Spa, an eco-luxury resort in the Blue Mountains, is set to open in October with a grove of 60 newly-planted Wollemi Pines that can be visited by resort guests.

Scotland: What is believed to be the world’s most northerly grove of a Jurassic tree has so far survived freezing temperatures: here.

UNSW students have sequenced the chloroplast genome of the ancient Wollemi Pine – a world first that could reveal how a “dinosaur” of the tree kingdom survived 200 million years of shifting continents and changing climates: here.

Rzedowski’s Pine, Pinus rzedowskii, is listed as ‘Endangered’ on the IUCN Red List of Threatened SpeciesTM. Only discovered in 1969, this extremely rare and unusual pine is restricted to three distinct populations in western Mexico: here.

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