Fossil whale discovered in Santa Cruz, USA

This video is called Ancient Whale Graveyard Discovered in Chilean Disert.

National Geographic says:

May 5, 2009—After a factory had found a 40-million-year-old whale fossil in a limestone kitchen counter, researchers investigated the stone’s fossil-packed Egyptian quarry, which could shed light on the origins of African wildlife.

From Associated Press in the USA:

The partial remains of an ancient toothed whale species that roamed the ocean 5 million years ago have been discovered on a California beach. Crews removing a 1,000-pound slab of sandstone off the Santa Cruz County beach Wednesday discovered the remains and called in paleontologists.

Frank Perry, a paleontologist with the Santa Cruz Museum of Natural History, says the remains are an important piece of a puzzle that will help understand what life was like when meat-eating toothed whales roamed the shallow seas that once covered the region. Their descendants include the orca and dolphin.

Crews have not yet identified the exact species of the whale. Experts say the partial skull and several vertebrae found should make that possible.

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