5 thoughts on “Censorship in ‘new’ Iraq

  1. Three cowherds die of mortar fire

    Iraq: US and Iraqi troops have accidentally killed three cowherds in Taji after the men wandered into the middle of a mortar training exercise.

    An 11-year-old boy was also injured and evacuated to a US military hospital where he was in stable condition last night.

    US occupation troops have shifted from combat operations to training Iraq’s national army since June 30.


  2. US troops accused of mistreatment

    Iraq: A US investigation into the death of a soldier from Ohio deployed in Iraq has revealed cruelty and maltreatment by other troops, the military admitted at the weekend.

    Lieutenant Colonel Kevin Olson said a probe into the August 4 death of Private Keiffer Wilhelm had uncovered abuse.

    Four soldiers have been charged with cruelty and maltreatment of colleagues, but Lt Col Olson said there was no direct evidence that the soldiers’ alleged misconduct had caused Private Wilhelm’s death.


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