Anti Lisbon treaty Irish referendum campaign

This video from Ireland says about itself:

Vote No To Lisbon launch, Dublin 18th August 2009

28 Aug 2009

Voters in Ireland are being asked to vote again on the exact same Lisbon treaty that was rejected June 12th 2008.

A public meeting was held in Liberty Hall on Tuesday 18th August at 8pm to launch the second No to Lisbon campaign.

Speakers included: * Mary Lou McDonald, Vice-President Sinn Féin * Joe Higgins, Socialist Party MEP * Bob Crow, General Secretary, Rail Maritime & Transport Union * Jimmy Kelly, Regional Secretary, UNITE Trade Union.

A video from Ireland, which used to be on the Internet, used to say about itself:

Raquel Garrido, member of the National Council of the French Socialist Party (PS), speaking in Dublin at the launch of ‘No To Lisbon’ campaign – February 7th 2008. Raquel outlines why the French Left, including most rank-and-file Socialist Party members, opposed the 2005 EU Constitution, and explains how the values currently driving EU integration are undermining the possibility of building a ‘Social Europe’, a process that the Lisbon Treaty will reinforce not reverse. She urges Irish people to vote NO in the coming referendum, not least as an act of solidarity with the millions of fellow Europeans who have been denied the right to vote on this Treaty.

Sinn Féin Vice President Mary Lou McDonald today launched her party’s No to Lisbon Campaign in Dublin.

Lisbon Treaty bad for Irish and EU Economy – Ó Caoláin: here.

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4 thoughts on “Anti Lisbon treaty Irish referendum campaign

  1. Hi magmay, the Lisbon treaty is not about the Euro. It is about the European Union, not all EU members are in the Euro zone. The Euro is worth more than the US dollar as, eg, most European governments did not spend as much on the Iraq war as the Bush administration did.


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