Swan escapes from bald eagle attack

Bald eagle attacks trumpeter swan

From the Daily Mail in Britain:

This is the moment when an unsuspecting swan is ferociously attacked in mid-flight by an eagle who is half its size.

The adult trumpeter swan was flying over a river when the bald eagle swooped out of nowhere bearing its talons.

The eagle, with its massive two metre-wide wings outstretched, landed on the swan.

But remarkably, after a five-second struggle the plucky swan escaped the eagle’s talons and managed to fly down to the water.

Smarting from its defeat, the eagle turned tail and headed for some nearby trees. The stunning air show was captured in Canada by 41-year old amateur photographer Kelly Munday.

More photos on the Daily Mail page.

Watch live as bald eagles are reintroduced to the Channel Islands of California: here.

Wisconsin wildlife:Trumpeter swans beautiful shy vegetarians: here.

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