Coral spawning blog

From the SECORE blog:

Great to meet you here at the SECORE weblog 2009!

Tune in and stay up to date about the coral spawning expedition on Curacao. We hope to show you all about the spawning activities of the Elkhorn and Staghorn coral on this island. And if all goes well about our successes in collecting coral spawn and producing lots of coral babies.

Click on the different menu bottons to read more about our arrival, our stay at Carmabi, the fieldwork and all participants.

So check in with us daily to see how we are doing!

A meeting of scientists organized by Conservation International to assess the impacts of climate change on the Verde Island Passage (VIP) – a narrow corridor of coral-filled tropical waters in the Philippines – called for immediate action from the global community to protect this hugely important site: here.

Five pristine coral reefs discovered off Scotland: here.

ScienceDaily (May 26, 2010) — Damselfish are killing head corals and adding stress to Caribbean coral reefs, which are already in desperately poor condition from global climate change, coral diseases, hurricanes, pollution, and overfishing. Restoring threatened staghorn coral, the damsels’ favorite homestead, will take the pressure off the other corals, according to a new study published in the online journal PLoS ONE: here.

Damselfish ‘garden’ algae: here.

BiologyCentric: Super-rare ‘elkhorn’ coral found in Pacific: here.

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