Snow geese and spotted redshanks

This 2014 video is about a map butterfly in Groningen province in the Netherlands.

In the Losdorp garden, map butterfly, speckled wood, and brimstone butterfly.

Then, to the Wadden sea dike, east of Delfzijl. A shelduck couple with chicks.

Then, to Breebaart nature reserve.

This is a video about Breebaart reserve in winter, barnacle geese, and a visual artist who draws them.

Today, about forty spoonbills. Many grey lag geese.

Behind a sitting lapwing, about ten ringed plovers.

A golden plover.

Six avocets on the other bank, later some more.

Many barn swallows flying close to the hide. Also some house martins.

A buzzard resting on a pole.

A spotted redshank in beautiful black summer plumage.

There are many more spotted redshanks, but most are in winter plumage.

Big dunlin flocks.

In between the grey lag geese, two snow geese. Snow geese belong in North America. Probably, these snow geese were blown across the Atlantic by a strong west wind in North America.

This is part 2 of the video series about the artist, this time drawing a curlew in Breebaart.

And this is part 5, about an avocet nest.

And this is a different version of the film on the artist and Breebaart.

An albino swallow has excited bird watchers after it was spotted in the village of Rhynie, Aberdeenshire, among a flock with more standard colours: here.

Pacific golden plover: here.

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