NATO air raid kills Afghan children

From British daily The Morning Star:

Latest Afghan NATO air raid kills 3 children

Wednesday 05 August 2009

by Tom Mellen

Hundreds of enraged Afghan villagers have taken to the streets after a pre-dawn air strike by occupation forces killed three children and a man as they slept.

Residents of Kowuk loaded the bodies onto the back of a van and brought them to Kandahar to display the corpses to officials.

The villagers accused occupation forces of trying to dominate Afghanistan and demanded that they leave, shouting: “Death to America” and “Death to infidels.”

Abdur Rahim, the father of the boys and uncle of the slain man, reported that he had heard a pair of helicopters circling over his compound at 1.30am this morning before they fired two missiles that devastated his home.

Mr Rahim said that his brother and another son had been wounded.

“What was the fault of my innocent children? They were not Taliban,” Mr Rahim said, asking: “Did the Westerners come here to build our country or kill our innocent children?”

A spokesman for the NATO-led occupation force in Kabul confirmed that the alliance had carried out an air strike in Kandahar’s Arghandab district overnight, but maintained that those killed in the raid were militants.

After eight years which have seen the deaths of tens of thousands of men, women and children, the Afghan war has finally reached the top of the political agenda here in Britain: here.

In the face of mounting popular opposition to the slaughter in Afghanistan, the US and European governments are stepping up their intervention and making clear that the neo-colonial occupation is open-ended: here.

US Army Specialist Victor Agosto has been sentenced to one month in jail for refusing deployment to Afghanistan. Agosto has made his objections public in an effort to mobilize opposition within the military: here.

Holly Lewis reports from the court-martial of war resister Victor Agosto, who won even before his trial for refusing to deploy to Afghanistan began: here.

Soldier resists Afghanistan deployment: here.

The number of British troops killed supporting the US occupation of Afghanistan has neared 200 after another soldier died in a roadside bomb attack in Helmand province: here.

A corrupt election in Afghanistan: here. UN voices concern over Afghan poll: here.

We’re losing and with US casualties rising sharply and the war costing America 4 billion dollars a month, we’ve got one year to get results before public support evaporates, says General Stanley McChrystal, commander of the US army in Afghanistan, in an interview he gave to the Wall Street Journal: here.

The stage has been set for the Obama administration to announce another major escalation of the war in Afghanistan, amid warnings that the Taliban insurgency has to be stemmed over the next 12 to 18 months to avoid the risk of a humiliating US defeat: here.

New Zealand Prime Minister John Key announced on Monday that his government was redeploying elite Special Air Service (SAS) troops to the neo-colonial occupation of Afghanistan: here.

3 thoughts on “NATO air raid kills Afghan children

  1. Three more US soldiers killed

    Afghanistan: NATO has revealed that guerillas have killed three US troops in southern Afghanistan since Friday.

    The Western military alliance said that the three died in separate “hostile-fire incidents,” without disclosing the exact location or times of the attacks.

    Resistance forces have killed at least 27 foreign troops, including 18 US soldiers, so far this month, more than in any equivalent time period.


  2. Protest called against war

    The Stop the War Coalition has called a national demonstration against the continuing war in Afghanistan.

    It is calling on thousands of activists to descend on central London on 24 October to demand an end to the bloodshed in Afghanistan and to get all British troops out immediately.

    Lindsey German, convenor of Stop the War, told Socialist Worker, “A mass demo in October, just as parliament returns, sends a clear message to the government—we don’t want this war, get the troops out. It can make a real impact.”


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