Spider survives 14 days in refrigerator

This is a Dutch video about the South American spider who survived fourteen days in a refrigerator for bananas.

Translated from Brabants Dagblad in the Netherlands:

Poisonous spider discovered in banana box

TILBURG – In the Oliemeulen zoo in Tilburg, a very poisonous spider has been brought in. The Bolivian wandering spider had been hidden in a banana box and had miraculously survived the journey.

In the box was also a big web with [nearly a 100] eggs, which are hatching now. The Phoneutria is about two years old and about 14 cm in size.

Australia: huge Golden orb weaver spider eating a bird [chestnut breasted manikin]: here.

New ‘giant’ Golden orb spider discovered in South Africa and Madagascar: here.

2 thoughts on “Spider survives 14 days in refrigerator

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