Butterflies of Voorne island

Veteran botanist David Bellamy has insisted that habitat needs to be created for butterflies to stop the declines in some of the Britain’s best-loved insects: here.

Thursday, 30 July.

In the dunes of Voorne island.

Many butterflies, including speckled wood. Painted lady. Small copper. Meadow brown.

At the beach: great cormorants flying. A dead lesser black-backed gull. In the dunes close to the beach, Centaurium flowering.

More butterflies: green-veined white (see also here). Red admiral. Map butterfly.

A kestrel hovering in the air.

In the Brede water lake, a great cormorant breeding colony. Lesser-black-backed gull. Grey heron. Magpie. Pied wagtail.

A peacock butterfly.

Voorne plants photos: here.

Butterflies in the Netherlands and Belgium: here.

First Ayrshire record for Speckled Wood butterfly: here.

Silver Studded Blue butterfly found on Devon reserve for first time in 20 years: here.

8 thoughts on “Butterflies of Voorne island

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