5 thoughts on “Texas bird killing plans for bigwig planes

  1. Dear Friend of Wildlife,

    When Lewis and Clark set out to explore the wild western frontier of America over two centuries ago, they were overwhelmed with the abundance of wildlife there.

    Sadly, today more than half of the 122 animal species they encountered are in serious decline…seven are extinct altogether. And now the entire prairie ecosystem is in jeopardy.

    You see, human encroachment has destroyed critical habitat for prairie wildlife like the sage grouse, bobcat, prairie dog and the endangered black-footed ferret.
    Even in so-called “protected” wildlife refuges these
    animals have to compete with livestock for grazing
    and nesting areas!

    If we cannot save this vital habitat, what will become of the American prairie, an irreplaceable part of our nation’s very heritage and the natural home of these beloved animals?

    It’s time to take a stand. Thankfully we have an amazing chance today to make a real difference.

    The Charles M. Russell National Wildlife Refuge is the second-largest refuge in the continental United States. It extends 125 miles up the Missouri River from the Fort Peck Dam in north central Montana. This refuge contains more intact prairie habitat—about 1.2 million acres—than anywhere else in America.

    However, about 550,000 acres of land in the refuge are used for livestock grazing. That means about half the land in the refuge is unavailable to the very wildlife it’s supposed to protect! It’s outrageous!

    Right now we have an opportunity to permanently retire 50,000 acres of that grazing land and restore it to wildlife. But we must raise $300,000 in the next
    15 days!

    The great news is it only costs $6 to adopt an acre
    of prairie land—so please, adopt* as many acres as
    you can and protect imperiled wildlife there and across
    the country.

    And there’s even better news…

    A generous friend has offered a $50,000 Matching Grant to our supporters to meet this goal and help protect the prairie wildlife of the Charles M. Russell National Wildlife Refuge and other wildlife. That means your gift today will go twice as far!

    If there was ever a time to make your most generous gift to protect wildlife, it’s now. Please give today.

    Thank you!


    Larry Schweiger
    President & CEO

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