Blairist-Brownist albatross around British Labour’s neck

This video from Britain is called Goodbye New Labour.

From The Daily (Maybe) blog in England, about heavy Labour losses in a recent by-election:

Friday, July 24, 2009

Norwich North: Tory win

It’s no surprise that the Conservatives have won Norwich North from Labour. All the odds were stacked against Labour having offed a popular and rooted left MP at just the time when the government nationally is about as unpopular as it could be.

The Conservatives actually lost votes compared to the last Norwich North parliamentary election. However, Labour lost over two thirds of its vote, going from 44,9% to 18,1%.

“Thanks”, ThatcheriteBlairiteBrownite “New” Labour for your war in Afghanistan, war in Iraq, privatization, etc.

COMPASS STATEMENT ON NORWICH NORTH: here. Also on that result: here. And here.

9 thoughts on “Blairist-Brownist albatross around British Labour’s neck

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