Most people want troops out of Afghanistan

From British daily The Morning Star:

Western public calls for troops to get out

Friday 24 July 2009

A majority of the British public would like to see our forces withdrawn from Afghanistan

Majorities in the US, Britain, Germany and Canada want their governments to withdraw military forces from Afghanistan, according to polls.

As US President Barack Obama sends 9,000 more troops into the country to join the 59,000 US personnel who are already there, opposition to the apparently interminable conflict is hardening in the US, Europe and Canada.

July is already the deadliest month of the war for both US and NATO forces, with 63 soldiers killed, including 35 US and 19 British soldiers.

An Associated Press-GfK Roper Public Affairs & Media poll found that just 44 per cent of US citizens want US forces to stay in the country, while 53 per cent think that they should withdraw.

A separate 24-country poll on global attitudes to Mr Obama’s policies by the non-partisan Pew Research Centre found that a majority of respondents in Britain, Germany and Canada, the top contributors to the US-led counterinsurgency campaign, think that their troops should withdraw.

Pew said that in Britain 46 per cent of respondents wanted to keep British troops deployed, while 48 per cent said they should pull out.

The research centre said in a statement that “majorities or pluralities in 18 of 25 countries say that the US and NATO should remove their troops from Afghanistan as soon as possible.”

In Canada, which has 2,500 soldiers deployed in Kandahar province, 50 per cent of the public are in favour of a withdrawal while 43 per cent think that the troops should stay.

In Germany, which has 4,000 troops deployed in Afghanistan’s relatively quiet northern regions, government officials are continually on the defensive in the face of domestic polls finding that a majority of Germans oppose their government’s involvement in combat missions.

Meanwhile, Pentagon special operations chief Michael Vickers has reported that Washington is sending more Predator unmanned aerial vehicles and a large fleet of missile-carrying Reaper drones to Afghanistan.

These drones kill not just military opponents, but also many civilians; both in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

More British veterans in justice system than soldiers serving in Afghanistan – study: here.

6 thoughts on “Most people want troops out of Afghanistan

  1. NATO chopper violates airspace
    PESHAWAR (INP): A NATO helicopter Friday violated the Pakistan air-space at Pak-Afghan border at Torkham.The political administration confirming the Pakistan airspace’s violation by the NATO helicopter, said that “a NATO helicopter entered Pakistan airspace at Torkham border with Afghanistan, and returned to Afghanistan after remaining some minutes in Pakistan’s space.” Fear gripped among the locals after the space violation by NATO helicopter as they have experienced the worst fate in past when the US drones violated the Pakistan airspace in tribal areas and later led to destruction through missile attacks in which hundreds of innocent citizens were killed and several hundreds left injured and became disabled. The locals demanding of the government to get these violations stopped, had warned that any such attempt in future would be dealt accordingly.


  2. Left party gains after Afghan strike row: poll
    09.09.2009 13:00

    Left party gains after Afghan strike row: poll

    Support for Germany’s far-left “Linke,” or Left party, has risen to its highest level this year after a deadly NATO air strike in Afghanistan sparked a debate about pulling out German troops, a poll showed on Wednesday, Reuters reported.

    Germany holds a national, parliamentary election on September 27.

    The Left, the only mainstream party that is demanding an immediate withdrawal of Germany’s 4,200 soldiers in Afghanistan, saw its support rise four points to 14 percent in the latest poll from Forsa for Stern magazine.

    The survey showed Chancellor Angela Merkel’s conservative bloc and the center-left Social Democrats (SPD), who have ruled together for the past four years and favor keeping troops in Afghanistan, dipping one point each.

    With a score of 35 percent, Merkel’s conservatives would still have enough to form a narrow parliamentary majority with their favored partners, the business-friendly Free Democrats (FDP), on 14 percent.

    But the poll is the first to show that the row over the Afghan air strike, which has led some opposition parties to call for the resignation of conservative Defense Minister Franz Josef Jung, may be having an influence on voters.

    The German government has said its troops called in the air strike on two hijacked fuel trucks near Kunduz, in northern Afghanistan, to protect themselves from a possible suicide attack by Taliban fighters.

    Germany has said it believes 56 people were killed in the strike but Afghan rights bodies have estimated the toll to be far higher.

    The NATO-led International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) has announced a formal investigation into the incident and said Tuesday for the first time that it believed civilians were among the dead.

    Afghan President Hamid Karzai has called the strike a major “error of judgment” and some of Germany’s European allies have also been critical, but Merkel defended it in a speech to the Bundestag lower house of parliament on Tuesday.

    The Forsa poll of 2,504 Germans was conducted from September 1-7.


  3. The Afghanis fought and killed the mongols for two hundred years till they left, they fought the huns, they fought and killed the British for seventy years till they left, they fought and killed the Russians for twenty years till they left, they will fight you the Canadians and Yanks and kill you…….TILL YOU LEAVE. The sons and grandsons and daughters and great great grandsons will fight you and kill you till you leave. Don’t we get this? They have done nothing to us except run our variety stores working twenty hours a day which white men won’t do. As usual the weak Canadian govt. is a**-kissing the Americans and fighting a capitalist, imperial war to allow pipelines from Uzbekistan one day. It’s not about building a school or democracy you don’t drop two thousand pound bombs on those you help. Opium that is not their problem and not our business we need to stop our problem at home as to why our youth want heroin not go to another country and tell them what to do. Who are you oh great Canada look at your Indian reserves and the outports in Nfld who boil water for ten years yet we have a Tim Hortons in Kabul. Priorities? do you have any? How would you feel if they did not like Barley and came to war in Canada to eradicate the Barley crop. These people are proud for two thousand years and you a mere youth of 250 years are telling them how to live. Canada you are afraid of the USA look at the non drug commercial hemp plant with over 200 fine uses, oil cloth rope, paper yet you are afraid to grow it because of US pressure. Now you let your children die for them. I have been there and met these people just go home and leave them alone. If their women are covered so what, you cannot even fix your own country Good luck and the boys from Cartierville will continue dying until you leave. BB


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