English workers besieged by riot police

This video from England is called Visteon Occupation – A fight for justice – Interviews with Enfield workers April 4 2009.

From the Vestas workers’ blog in England:

Workers staging a sit-in at the soon-to-close Vestas wind turbine plant on the Isle of Wight are being starved out by police.

The police, many inside the factory and dressed in riot gear, have denied food to the workers who took over the factory offices last night, to protest the closure of their factory. The police, operating with highly questionable legal authority, have surrounded the offices, preventing supporters from joining the sit-in, and preventing food from being brought to the protestors.

See also here.

Unions and climate change campaigners have joined forces in solidarity with Vestas workers in their second day of occupation at the factory on the Isle of Wight: here.

Closure of turbine factory undermines Government’s green pledges: here.

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Vestas photos here.

South Korea: Ssangyong occupation update July 23, 2009: here.

South Korean occupiers send solidarity message to Vestas workers: here.

2 thoughts on “English workers besieged by riot police

  1. (Updated July 27) Capitalism vs the environment: Wind turbine
    workers fight factory closure with sit-in

    July 22, 2009 — The madness of the capitalist market has yet again been
    starkly exposed as — in the midst of the planet’s worst environmental
    crisis, global warming — workers at Britain’s only factory building
    wind turbines have been forced to occupy their plant to prevent its
    closure and save their jobs.

    * Read more http://links.org.au/node/1168


  2. (Updated July 27) South Korea: Ssangyong workers face brutal
    police/thug attacks as factory occupation continues

    July 22, 2009 — The strike and factory occupation by workers at
    Ssangyong, in Pyeongtaek near Seoul, South Korea, is about the enter its
    eighth week. About 800 fired employees are in a paint shop, confronting
    more than 3000 police.

    * Read more http://links.org.au/node/1165


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