War crimes in Afghanistan

From e-Ariana in Afghanistan:

War Crimes in Afghanistan. Or: What You Don’t Learn in Science Class

Amnesty International USA


By Christoph Koettl

Physicians for Human Rights (PHR) demonstrated in a more than impressive way this week how science and technology can advance the cause of human rights. Using forensic analysis and satellite imagery, they did an excellent job in documenting a war crime—and the subsequent US supported cover-up—in Afghanistan, where in the wake of the US led invasion in 2001 hundreds of prisoners of war were killed by a US backed warlord and dumped in a mass grave in Dasht-e-Leili. Check out this must see video:

In Afghanistan, the effort to monitor billions of dollars in reconstruction contracts is understaffed and underfunded. So says the guy in charge, here.

Granai: the murder of an Afghan village: here.

The number of US/NATO deaths in July [2009] has already reached 58—the highest monthly toll since the invasion in October 2001: here.

Within the wider tragedy of the brutal US occupation of Afghanistan, the fate of Private Bowe Bergdahl has its own tragic dimension: here.

How Afghanistan’s War is Spilling into Central Asia: here.

There Is No Reason for Us to Be in Afghanistan — Everyone Knows It, and It Spells Defeat: here.

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