US journalist Walter Cronkite dies

This video from the USA says about itself:

On Feb. 27, 1968, CBS News anchor Walter Cronkite broadcast an editorial criticizing the escalation of U.S. forces in Vietnam.

In the aftermath of the Tet offensive, Cronkite had traveled to Vietnam to interview soldiers and civilians. Returning to the United States, Cronkite shared his observations with the American public. In favor of diplomatic negotiations, Cronkite rejected President Lyndon B. Johnson’s optimism for further military deployment to end the standoff between U.S. and Viet Cong forces.

In a 1996 interview, Cronkite remembers the effect his editorial had on President Johnson, who was reported to have said, “If I’ve lost Cronkite, I’ve lost Middle America.”

Well known United States journalist Walter Cronkite has died.

From the Buzzflash Twitter channel in the USA:

@owillis You can’t remember Cronkite without noting his change on Vietnam War. Wish someone had done that for Iraq War.

1 thought on “US journalist Walter Cronkite dies

  1. Author : Sri
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    Wow, another famous person to leave. Walter (referred to as \”Uncle Walt\”) was a great man that knew how to deliver news. I wish these noobs nowadays had such skills. Prayers to Walter\’s family and friends. In his memory, for his fans I have collected some great sites and articles (more than 200) to know all about Walter Cronkite.

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