Lizards on nature bridge

This is a sand lizard video.

Translated from RAVON in the Netherlands:

This year, on the ecoduct Leusderheide, now four years old, eight sand lizards have been found. They were seen all over the ecoduct, on or around the tree trunks on the ecoduct. They were mainly adolescent animals. The sand lizard was one of the species for which the nature bridge was made. It is great that this species now uses the ecoduct. …

As far as we know, this is the second ecoduct in the Netherlands used by sand lizards. However, the big number of sand lizards here is special …

Though the slow worm occurs as well not far away, it has not been seen yet on or close to the ecoduct.

Hoog Buurlo ecoduct: here.

Sand lizards thriving in Dorset: here.

400 rare [sand] lizards released into wild as part of ‘rescue operation’ for UK’s reptiles and amphibians: here.

Africa: Neon blue-tailed tree lizard glides like a feather: here.

Wildlife bridges playing important role for Canada’s wildlife: here.

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