Economic crisis, workers resist

This 2010 video from the USA is called Fox News Defends Goldman Sachs Fraud.

USA: Goldman Sachs, which received $10 billion in government bailout cash, reported record profits and compensation in its second-quarter earnings report: here.

Former General Motors CEO and Chairman Rick Wagoner, whom the Obama administration forced into retirement in March, will be awarded a retirement package valued at over $10 million: here.

In the midst of the state’s economic crisis, Southern California social service clients tell of their difficulties: here.

Anti-Schwarzenegger resistance in California: here.

From People’s Weekly World in the USA:

GARY, Ind. – In another sign of the economic crisis hitting working class cities around the country, angry residents and laid off city workers rallied in front of this city’s new General Services building. The crowd brought uncollected garbage and dumped it in front of the building sign. This was only the second day of a stop in the collection of household waste here.

Germany: Opel workers oppose cuts in holiday pay: here.

A protocol released by Germany’s regulatory agency reveals the manner in which leading German banks and finance houses dictate policy to the German government: here.

Deputy Prime Minister and Economy Minister Elena Salgado has been forced to admit that the economic situation in Spain is far worse than previously acknowledged: here.

Australia: Sacked workers from the bankrupt manufacturing company Nylex staged a protest outside the ANZ bank in Melbourne’s central business district yesterday to demand full payment of their redundancy and entitlement mone: here.

Britain: Labour MP Michael Meacher has demanded urgent action from Prime Minister Gordon Brown to curb the return of mega-bonuses for wealthy bankers: here.

Labour MP John McFall tore into Prime Minister Gordon Brown in Parliament on Thursday over obscene bonus payments to bankers: here.

The media may have swung on from the recession, but the economic chaos is still here: here.

South Korea: Police moved in with forklifts to remove barriers outside Ssangyong Motor’s Pyeongtaek plant in preparation for a police assault to break the [workers’] occupation: here. And here.

South Korea workers prevail in defence of factory: here.

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