Legal homophobia in Lithuania

This is a video about homophobia in Lithuania.

There is not just homophobia in Poland and Latvia, the countries bordering on Lithuania … but also in that Baltic country itself. From British daily The Morning Star:

Politicians back homophobic law

Lithuania: MPs have voted 87-6 to overturn a presidential veto on a Bill that aims to prevent children from accessing information about homosexuality.

The legislation would prohibit the public dissemination of information on homosexuality, bisexuality and polygamous relationships, which it describes as “harmful to the mental health or the intellectual and moral development” of minors.

Lithuania’s former president rejected the Bill before he left office last week but yesterday’s vote overrides his veto.

LGBT rights, or lack of them, in Lithuania: here.

Britain: Former minister Patricia Hewitt says gay rights and diversity ‘not part of who Gordon Brown is’: here.

Debate Intensifies over Venezuela’s Proposed Same Sex Civil Union Law: here.

2 thoughts on “Legal homophobia in Lithuania

  1. Baltic migrants in desperate plight

    Monday 03 August 2009

    Our local Salvation Army reports increasing pleas for help from Baltic migrants. Tents, blankets and food are needed urgently as agency work vanishes. Many of these unfortunates are lucky to get one day’s work a week.

    So far, the local press and radio, ever eager to trumpet the “benefits” of EU and NATO membership, has ignored their plight.

    These people are camping out of sight on the river bank, vainly trying to keep dry in this wet summer.

    Where are they from? Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia, sneeringly referred to as “potato republics” by the Poles.

    These lands were carved out of the tsarist empire by British interventionist forces after the Russian revolution and reoccupied by the Soviet Union in 1940 in an attempt to secure the northern flank against the coming German attack.

    Rabidly anti-Soviet and anti-Russian, not to mention anti-semitic, the fathers and grandfathers of these young migrants have bequeathed to their children only destitution in a foreign land instead of guaranteed jobs, homes and security in constituent republics of the Soviet Union.



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