Good Chinese alligator news

This is a Chinese alligator video.

From the Wildlife Conservation Society:

Reintroduced Chinese alligators now multiplying in the wild in China

Reintroduction partnership includes Chinese agencies, WCS’s Bronx Zoo and other North American zoos

The Wildlife Conservation Society announced today that critically endangered alligators in China have a new chance for survival. The WCS’s Bronx Zoo, in partnership with two other North American parks and the Department of Wildlife Conservation and Management of the State Forestry Administration of China, has successfully reintroduced alligators into the wild that are now multiplying on their own.

The alligator hatchlings—15 in number—are the offspring of a group of alligators that includes animals from the Wildlife Conservation Society’s Bronx Zoo. The baby alligators represent a milestone for the 10-year effort to reintroduce the Chinese alligator on Chongming Island, located at the mouth of China’s Yangtze River.

The announcement was made at the International Congress for Conservation Biology, convened by the Society for Conservation Biology in Beijing, China (July 11-16).

Rare alligator population expands in China: here.

USA: Will Alligators Return to the Central Wetlands? Here.

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