Wolffish bred in Scottish aquarium

This video is called Feeding of Sea Wolves in the Aquarium Helgoland.

From Practical Fishkeeping:

A Scottish public aquarium has reported a successful spawning from its Wolf fish, Anarhichas spp.

Macduff Marine Aquarium, which is owned by Aberdeenshire Council, told the BBC that the parents – called Mr and Mrs Wolf – laid a clutch of pink eggs at the beginning of the year.

The fry are being raised in a nursery aquarium at the facility.

Chris Gamble of the Aquarium said: “To hatch Wolf fish babies is a first here – and we’re pretty sure no other Scottish aquarium has managed it.”

Wolf fish, which are typically found in cold deep waters over rocky substrates, have very prominent teeth and strong jaws which they use to crush crabs and other prey.

The species lays its eggs during the winter as a large clump of eggs, which are typically deposited among seaweed or rocks.

There are three species found in northern European waters: A. lupus, A. denticulatus and A. minor.

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