British fat cat advocates cuts for workers

This video from England says about itself:

Staff at Job centres across the country took two days of strike action over the government’s public sector pay freeze. A short video from the picket line in Stratford, East London.

From British daily The Morning Star:

Fury at Mr Freeze’s £250,000 pay package

Tuesday 07 July 2009

by Paddy McGuffin and Solomon Hughes

Top quango boss Steve Bundred, who demanded a pay freeze for public-sector workers earlier this week, trousers a quarter-million-pound pay packet every year.

According to the latest available accounts, the Audit Commission chief executive received a total salary package of £248,000, including a £17,000 bonus and £34,000 in pension contributions, in the year to May 31 2008.

Yet this is the man who, writing in a Sunday newspaper, said that an imposed pay freeze on six million public-sector workers, many of whom earn less than a tenth what he does, would be a “painless” option.

In his article, Mr Bundred stated: “Let’s dismiss the notion that spending on health and education will be protected. There are good reasons why they won’t and shouldn’t.

“One is that, at a time when inflation is likely to be between 2 per cent and 3 per cent, a pain-free way of cutting public spending would be to freeze public-sector pay, or at least impose severe pay restraint.” …

In addition to his six-figure salary, he also has a pension package with a transfer value of over £700,000.

Unions representing public-sector workers were furious at the revelations.

A spokesman for Civil Service union PCS said: “The reality for our members who deliver passports and help people back to work is low pay.

“They would view these remarks with anger, especially given his six-figure salary. The debate should be about the fact that top earners’ pay has outstripped the growth in pay of those on the lowest income.”

And general union GMB national secretary for local government Brian Strutton said that Mr Bundred should keep his comments to himself.

“GMB members who work in local government earn on average £16,000 per year. They would be amazed that someone who earns 15 times as much as them should make such stupid and ill-considered comments.

“Any talk of a pay freeze would lead to calls for strike action, which is the last thing anyone wants.”

Filthy rich want to cut your pay: here.

John McDonnell: Public spending cuts are no way out of the recession.

Britain’s fat-cat oil barons have demanded more tax breaks, claiming the country faces an “energy crunch” if steps are not taken to help the industry: here.

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