Bats in a tree, video

This video is about common noctule bats in a hollow tree in the Netherlands.

Rhinolophus paradoxolophus: Bat’s Super Sonar Nose Explained: here.

Biological ‘Fountain Of Youth’ Found In New World Bat Caves: here.

Moths Jam Bat Sonar: here.

Fossil Australian and present New Zealand walking bats: here.

Last chance to save the Christmas Island bat fails; species doomed to extinction? Here.

Versatility and Stereotypy of Free-Tailed Bat Songs: here.

They are tiny, ugly, disease-carrying little blood-suckers that most people have never seen or heard of, but a new discovery in a one-of-a-kind fossil shows that “bat flies” have been doing their noxious business with bats for at least 20 million years. For bats, that’s a long time to deal with a parasite doing its best vampire impression. Maybe it is nature’s revenge on the vampire bat, an aggressive blood consumer in its own right that will feed on anything from sheep to dogs and humans: here.

Killing vampire bats to prevent rabies could actually worsen the spread of the virus: here.

4 thoughts on “Bats in a tree, video

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