Egyptian antiquities excavated in museum

This video is called King Tut’s Golden Treasures, Egyptian Museum, Cairo, Egypt.

Like recently, dinosaurs were discovered inside museums in Britain and Canada … and like earlier Egyptological discoveries inside the Egyptian Museum

From the Egypt State Information Service:

Monuments discovered in Egyptian Museum

Minister of Culture Farouk Hosni said Saturday 4/7/2009 that during working in the project of developing the Egyptian Museum, a monument cache was discovered near the western door’s stair in the western part of the Egyptian Museum in el-Tahrir.

The Minister said the cache is part of four other parts of a broken inscription that contain limestone hieroglyphic writing. It was divided into two parts with some hieroglyphic signs.

Dr. Zahi Hawass, the Secretary General of the Supreme Council of Antiquities, said that he believed that these monuments were buried in the past in this place through the Egyptian Museum archeologists when they were transferring the monuments from the archeological sites to the museum for storage.

Hawass pointed out that the Museum archeologists were examining the ancient monuments to bury the artificial pieces but these genuine ones were buried by mistake.

See also here.

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