5 thoughts on “Earthquake at Italian G8 venue

  1. 2009-07-03 15:01

    Fresh tremor hits L’Aquila
    Quake causes panic days before G8 summit

    (ANSA) – L’Aquila, July 3 – A fresh tremor has hit L’Aquila, causing panic in the quake-stricken Abruzzo town less than a week before it hosts a Group of Eight summit.

    Some 300 people were killed and 60,000 left homeless in an April 6 quake which has been followed by several aftershocks.

    The new quake, measuring 4.1 on the Richter scale, sent scores of people out of homes and offices but no damage was reported, officials said.

    The quake was ”clearly” felt in the city, which is slowly getting back on its feet after the devastating 5.8 Richter quake in April.

    The July 8-10 Group of Eight summit will take place in an army barracks which was spared by the April quake and has been converted into a quake-proof facility.

    Friday’s quake was the strongest tremor to strike the area since a 4.5 Richter magnitude quake on June 23.

    The April quake was Italy’s biggest natural disaster in 30 years.

    Premier Silvio Berlusconi, who moved the summit to the city to help boost public morale and the local economy, has assured that the G8 gathering fears no threat.

    But he told the cabinet Friday he was ”concerned” about the size of the latest quake.

  2. Northern League ‘racist’ resigns

    Italy: An MP in Premier Silvio Berlusconi’s coalition has resigned after being filmed singing a racist chant about Naples and its residents.

    Matteo Salvini, a member of the xenophobic, anti-immigrant Northern League party, resigned his seat in the lower chamber of Parliament on Tuesday.

    In the video published on left-leaning daily La Repubblica’s website, Mr Salvini is shown at a party gathering in June leading a profanity-filled chant often sung by fans of northern Italian teams at football stadiums to denigrate rivals from Naples and other southern towns.


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