Marsh harrier and black tern

This is a ruff video.

Today, again to the Naardermeer.

Many small white butterflies in the Corversbos.

On the west side of the Naardermeer: reed buntings singing. Many grey lag geese, with some domestic geese. Black-tailed godwits. Lapwings. Redshanks. Spotted redshanks.

A male ruff on a mudflat is driven away for a short time by a redshank; though later, redshanks pass him without quarreling.

A wood sandpiper.

An Egyptian goose, and a juvenile shelduck.

A meadow brown butterfly.

A male and a female kestrel, sitting on molehills in a reedy meadow; not far from a rabbit.

On our way to the first hide, fringed water-lily flowers in a ditch. And three butterfly species: small tortoiseshell; red admiral; and painted lady.

Two reed warblers looking for food in reed stems.

From the hide, spoonbills.

At the second hide: black tern. In the water: mute swans; one female and two male common pochards.

A purple heron flying. A common tern. A marsh harrier. Reed buntings flying past several times; they may have a nest here.

Ringlet butterfly.

Arrowhead flowering.

Rare winter marsh warbler in first for Slimbridge: here.

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