Southern damselflies in Devon, England

This is a video of mating southern damselflies.

From Wildlife Extra:

Southern damselflies released into Devon nature reserve

26/06/2009 16:33:18

Rare insect reintroduced to Devon heath

June 2009. Devon Wildlife Trust has staged the mass reintroduction of a globally threatened species into one of its reserves. Over the past week, 500 southern damselflies have been released at Venn Ottery Nature Reserve in East Devon.

30% decline in UK

The small iridescent blue insects are found at just five sites in Devon and the species has suffered a 30% decline in the UK since 1960. The dragonflies were transferred from Beaulieu Heath in the New Forest to the 25 hectare Devon Wildlife Trust SSSI using butterfly rearing cages. The insects were moved over the course of four days and were released successfully on to a 400 metre stretch of water course. …

DWT’s Nature Reserves Officer Ian Chadwick said: ‘Over 95% of the southern damselfly’s two-year lifecycle is spent as a larva living in submerged stream vegetation. A permanent supply of unpolluted, slow moving running water is essential for their survival. This work has enabled us to create the right conditions for the reintroduction and we are confident that it will succeed.’

July 2011: Volunteers at Devon Wildlife Trust have been the first to witness the return of the southern damselfly at Venn Ottery Nature Reserve following the successful re-introduction of 500 adults in 2009: here.

Wood white butterfly gets extra protection in Herefordshire: here.

Why is Herefordshire ignored by national conservation bodies? RSPB, we need you: here.

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