German Internet censorship

This is an Australian parody video about Internet censorships plans there.

The German parliament has passed a law using child pornography as a pretext to censure the Internet: here.

Innocents accused of net piracy: here.

US marines barred from social networking sites: here.

In another attempt by the Pentagon to control all information coming from the war zones of Iraq and Afghanistan, the US Marine Corps has renewed its ban on popular online social networking sites: here.

Labour government in Britain increases state control of the Internet: here.

Last week, by a large majority, the Bundestag (federal parliament) agreed to a massive expansion of digital surveillance. The state will be given the power to deploy “trojans,” computer code that can bypass a user’s security and implement remote online searches of a person’s devices. The decision effectively eliminates the possibility of secure digital communications in Germany: here.

On June 30 the German parliament (Bundestag) passed a law, the Network Enforcement Act (NetzDG), which establishes censorship of the Internet: here.

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