Europe’s first camel fossils discovered

This video from the USA is called Fossil Discovery Center, Madera, California, USA.

The Mammoth Site – Hot Springs, S. Dakota: see here.

From DPA news agency:

Mon, 29 Jun 2009

Logrono, Spain – Spanish scientists have discovered Europe’s first fossilized camel footprints, Professor Felix Perez Lorente from La Rioja University said Monday. The footprints found at a site near Murcia were 6 million years old.

They revealed the existence of a hitherto unknown camel-like species, which the scientists named Paracamelichnum jumillensis.

The 191 footprints were made by about a dozen adult animals which walked as a group together.

The long distances between the footprints indicated that Paracamelichnum jumillensis was bigger than all the camel species known so far.

The research was published by the Ichnos Journal for Plant and Animal Traces before being presented in Spain.

An analysis by scientists in China and Inner Mongolia shows that wild Bactrian camels are distantly related to their domestic two-humped counterparts: here.

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