Dictator Franco stripped of honours in Madrid

This video says about itself:

One man sets out to exhume the ghosts of Spain’s totalitarianism past.

The Part 2 video is here.

From Reuters:

Madrid strips Franco of honorary titles

Mon Jun 29, 2009 3:50pm EDT

MADRID – Madrid’s city hall Monday stripped former Spanish dictator Francisco Franco of his title as honorary mayor and adopted son of the capital, 33 years after his death began the transition to democracy.

Councilors of all political colors unanimously voted to remove the titles, as well as medals Madrid conferred on the right-wing general, a spokesman for the council said.

“The capital of Spain is now clean of support for dictators,” left-wing Councilor Milagros Hernandez, was quoted as saying on the website of TV news channel CNN+.

The move is the latest in an effort spearheaded by the Socialist government to remove traces of Franco in street names, statues and other symbols glorifying the dictator who gained power after a three-year civil war which ended in 1939 and ruled until his death in 1975.

The removals started under a law passed in 2007 by the government of Prime Minister Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero, whose grandfather was killed by Franco‘s forces.

The push reverses an unspoken understanding after Franco‘s death that his supporters would relinquish power on condition that future democrats would not rake up the past.

Members of the conservative Popular Party have criticized the socialist law for, as they see it, needlessly dragging up the wounds of the past. However, the PP — which rules the local authority in Madrid — backed the proposal to strip Franco of the city’s honors.

(Reporting by Sarah Morris; editing by Ralph Boulton)

Franco’s face and name erased from public view in Spain: here.

La Despedida: A Lost Memoir of the Spanish Civil War: here.

Monument for Polish Spanish civil war fighter destroyed: here.

Britain: A Tory council is planning to dump part of a display commemorating the Spanish civil war, allegedly to help bury past associations with the labour movement: here.

In the penultimate stop on his final international tour as president, Dwight Eisenhower met the fascist dictator of Spain, Generalissimo Francisco Franco, in Madrid: here.

2 thoughts on “Dictator Franco stripped of honours in Madrid

  1. Praise for veteran leftie of 75 years

    Union milestone: Aberdeen Trades Council honoured veteran Morning Star supporter and Communist Alex Clark on Saturday to mark his 75th anniversary as part of the movement.

    Unite union organiser Tommy Campbell told a meeting that Mr Clark had begun his involvement in 1934 as a scout for the National Unemployed Workers Movement. Mr Clark took part in the struggle in 1936 to drive fascists from the streets of Aberdeen and was a key fundraiser during the Spanish civil war.

    The Communist Party’s John Foster praised Mr Clark’s support for the Star.



  2. Madrid to dig up civil war dead

    Spain: MPs voted on Wednesday to exhume tens of thousands of Spanish civil war dead buried in the mausoleum of dictator General Francisco Franco in order to identify the victims.

    Official estimates put the numbers buried at the Valley of the Fallen near Madrid at some 30,000, although some historians say the figure could be as high as 60,000.

    The majority are believed to be the unidentified bodies of people who fought against Gen Franco’s fascist forces.



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