Rightist coup d’état in Honduras

This video from Honduras is called People protest against Honduras coup.

In Honduras, anti-democratic armed forces officers in a coup d’état have arrested the democratically elected president of the country, Zelaya. See also here. And here. And here. And here. And here. And here.

The Pinochet-style Right in Honduras thinks Zelaya is too leftist.

The Honduran political, judicial and military elite can assert the legality of its action in overthrowing and deporting President Manuel Zelaya, but the world knows the truth: here.

5 thoughts on “Rightist coup d’état in Honduras

  1. TEGUCIGALPA, Honduras, Jan. 30, 2009 – The commander of U.S. Southern Command arrived here yesterday to reaffirm the United States’ strategic partnership with Honduras and praise the solid bilateral and interagency cooperation that is delivering tangible success.

    Declaring an “excellent state of cooperation between our two militaries,” [Navy Adm. James G.] Stavridis lauded tremendous progress within Honduras’ 11,000-member military.

    “The future of national security is the interagency, all working together,” he said.

    http://www.defenselink.mil/news/ newsarticle.aspx?id=52881


    Obamas’ first coup d’Etat

    Eva Golinger

    UPDATE: 12: 18pm – Dan Restrepo, Presidential Advisor to President Obama for Latin American Affairs, is currently on CNN en Español. He has just stated that Obama’s government is communicating with the coup forces in Honduras, trying to “feel out” the situation. He also responded to the reporter’s question regarding whether Washington would recognize a government in Honduras other than President Zelaya’s elected government, by saying that the Obama Administration “is waiting to see how things play out” and so long as democratic norms are respected, will work with all sectors. This is a confirmation practically of support for the coup leaders. Restrepo also inferred that other countries are interfering in Honduras’ international affairs, obviously referring to Venezuela and other ALBA nations who have condemned the coup with firm statements earlier this morning.

    UPDATE: 12pm noon – The Organization of American States is meeting in an emergency session in Washington concerning the situation in Honduras and the kidnapping of Honduras’ president. Venezuelan Ambassador to the OAS, Roy Chaderton, just announced that the ambassadors of Venezuela, Bolivia and Nicaragua in Honduras have just been kidnapped along with Foreign Minister Patricia Rodas, and are being beaten by Honduran military forces.

    Brussels : demonstration
    US embassy, Monday 29, 17-19,


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