Afghan civilian massacre video

From the Stop the War Coalition in Britain:

Watch this video: 140 reasons to leave Afghanistan now

Sunday, 28 June 2009

On 4 May, the US launched an airstrike on a village in the Farah province of Afghanistan. Local accounts from villagers, International Red Cross reports and an official Afghan government inquiry all agreed that 140 civilians, including 93 children, were killed. Only 22 of the victims were adult males.

The US military has “apologised” for the attack but has lied incessantly about what happened and who the victims were, still claiming that “only” 26 civilians were killed and the rest were Taliban “insurgents”.

Watch this video for confirmation that this was the worst atrocity since the invasion of Afghanistan began in 2001 and for 140 reasons why all foreign troops must get out of the country now to prevent endless mass slaughter of innocents in an unwinnable war.

Sign the Troops Out of Afghanistan petition: here

The US has finally ackowledged that its opium eradication campaign in Afghanistan is failing, announcing that it would no longer support efforts to wipe out production: here.

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