Economic crisis, bigger bonuses

This is a video about the Lindsey strike in Britain.

Sacked contract workers employed at the Lindsey Oil Refinery (LOR) in Lincolnshire, England, continued their strike action and protests this week: here.

Britain: Barnsley College lecturers protest threat of redundancies: here.

Finance union Unite has issued a Freedom of Information request demanding the details of Barclays bank’s capital reserves after the transnational bank closed its final-salary pension scheme.

Record bonuses at bailed-out US banks: here.

US: State budget crises trigger layoffs, cuts in social programs: here.

The California legislature failed to pass an austerity budget on Wednesday that includes $11 billion in cuts, setting the stage for even more draconian measures: here.

Twenty-four thousand City of Toronto inside and outside workers are resisting a concerted drive on the part of the economic and political elite of Canada’s wealthiest city to impose major contract concessions: here.

Eighteen hundred city workers in Windsor, Ontario, have entered their 11th week on strike: here.

A “man of the boom”, Peter Costello has stepped aside just as a new social and political period has erupted, with the full impact of the world capitalist breakdown beginning to be felt in Australia: here.

New Zealand’s National-led government is implementing austerity measures designed to placate big business and impose the burden of the economic crisis on the working class: here.

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