Berlusconi attacks women’s pensions

This video says about itself:

Our last chance. Ireland, Say NO to Lisbon Treaty.

From Italian news agency ANSA:

Italy to up women’s retirement age

Public-sector move to comply with EC gender parity norm

Rome, June 25 – Italy plans to raise the pension age for women in the public sector from 60 to 65 in compliance with a European Union directive on gender parity, Civil Service Minister Renato Brunetta said on Thursday.

According to another ANSA item of today:

One leftwing party said the warning from Brussels ”came from the bosses and banks who helped create the EU”.

Neither in the brainless heads of the Italian Berlusconi regime, nor in the brainless heads of the European Union’s European Commission bureaucrats in Brussels, there seems to be understanding that gender parity in this case, instead of harming women workers, might have meant lowering the pension age for male workers to 60. As the world economic crisis now hits Europe, also Italy, and unemployment rises, that would have meant more jobs for younger, now unemployed, people.

But no, whenever there is a conflict between reason and the capitalist greed for more profits and still more profits, both the Berlusconi regime and the Brussels bureaucrats are likely to take the side of the latter. Italian women who have worked hard their whole lives will now be robbed, and the booty will go to Mr Berlusconi and other capitalists.

On the one hand, it is true that capitalism pre-dates the European Union and that that Union is not the primary cause of all the miseries of capitalism in Europe. On the other hand, the European Union certainly acts to ram disastrous ThatcheriteReaganite “neo-liberal” capitalism down the throats of individual member countries.

They tried that with the draft “European constitution”. That failed, as voters in France and in the Netherlands rejected that. Then, they tried with the Lisbon treaty, which still contains most of the objectionable stuff of the draft constitution. Only in one European country did voters have the right to vote on the Lisbon treaty. That country was Ireland. The Irish voters rejected the Lisbon treaty.

Apparently, the European Union bureaucrats and the unpopular Irish coalition government want to continue to ram the Lisbon treaty down Irish voters’ throats until they are so sick that they swallow it. Stop this anti-democratic promotion of failed capitalism, and of militarism! Irish voters, vote against the Lisbon treaty in the new referendum, like you did in the earlier referendum. Voters in other European countries, demand from your politicians a referendum on the Lisbon treaty.

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