Rare birds in Victoria, Australia

Thids video from Australia is called Grey crowned Babbler (Pomatostomus temporalis).

From ABC in Australia:

Rare bird numbers rise

One of north-east Victoria’s rarest birds is fighting back from the brink of extinction.

Populations of grey-crowned babblers in the Lurg Hills near Benalla are surveyed every year as part of the Regent Honeyeater Project.

This year’s survey has found the population increased from 72 to 81 in the past 12 months.

The project’s coordinator, Ray Thomas, says it is good news because the bird is no longer found in South Australia or western Victoria.

“It’s now shrunk down to one 10th of a per cent of what it was – mainly in the north-east of Victoria, on the Grey Box Plains,” he said.

“Ninety-six point five per cent of their Grey Box Plains habitat is now farmland so that’s why they’re doing it tough.”

September 2017: Captive-bred critically endangered Regent Honeyeaters are being released into Australia’s Chiltern – Mount Pilot National Park as part of a recovery programne to curb the species’ decline: here.

A new population of a threatened Australian bird species [Northern Shrike-tit] has been discovered in an Indigenous Community area in north-east Arnhem Land, according to a team of government scientists and local rangers: here.

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