Jurassic turtle discovered in Thailand

Turtle family tree

From The Independent in South Africa:

New dinosaur-era turtle species

June 23 2009 at 08:01AM

Bangkok – Two 150-million-year-old turtle fossils recently found in north-east Thailand have been classified as a new Jurassic-era species, clinching the kingdom’s claim to land-turtle ancestry in South-East Asia, media reports said Tuesday.

The two fossils, believed to date back to the Jurassic era more than 150 million years ago when dinosaurs roamed the earth, were found in 2005 by the government’s Mineral Resource Department in Mukdahan province, 450 kilometres north-east of Bangkok.

The official discovery of the new species was published in the London-based Geological Society journal earlier this year under the name Basilochelyes macro bios [sic. Basilochelys macrobios], the Bangkok Post newspaper reported.

The world’s oldest turtle fossil, the 200-million-year-old Progonochelyes [sic. Proganochelys], was found in nearby Khon Kaen province.

Henodus, Triassic turtle-like reptile: here.

Hypsognathus was a small reptile lived during the late Triassic (215-200 million years ago) in the wetlands of eastern North America; here, its fossils were found in New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Connecticut, in US, and in Nova Scotia, in Canada. It was an anapsid reptile, i.e., featured by a compact and massive skull with only two lateral openings for the eyes and two for the nostrils.

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