Poor get poorer, Prince Charles gets richer

Monarchy v democracy – time for an elected Head of State? See here.

From British daily The Morning Star:

Prince Charles‘s fortune increases by £58m

Monday 22 June 2009

Anti-monarchy group Republic have called on the government to stop subsidising the royal family after news that Prince Charles’s fortunes rose in value by £58 million in 2007-8.

The Prince of Wales’s private income has remained virtually unchanged despite the recession. During the last financial year, his capital account saw an increase of 8 per cent to £647m.

The figures released by the Treasury under a Freedom of Information Act request also showed that just over £12m was spent on improvements to properties.

Republic spokesman Graham Smith demanded to know “why the government continue to subsidise this profit-making enterprise to the tune of over £2m a year.

“When the government is under pressure to make swingeing cuts to public services, it is outrageous that we are subsidising the ostentatious lifestyle of Charles Windsor.”

Prince Charles’s threat to quit National Trust in design dispute: here.

Anti-monarchy campaigners demanded the release of secret correspondence between London Mayor Boris Johnson and Prince Charles on Thursday, accusing the latter of meddling in the capital’s politics: here.

Left economists have reiterated calls for the government to take control of state-funded banks after news that Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) boss Stephen Hester is in line for a £9.6 million pay package: here.

It’s one law for the richHere.

Child poverty in Britain: here. And here.

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