Iran and the media

This video from the USA is called No War On Iran!

Iran and United States media: here.

From Iranian blogger Homeyra (with some hyperlinks added by me, as I often do on this blog):

What does the coverage tell?

I am not a TV fan and frankly I didn’t have a clear idea on how the recent events in Iran are represented in the international MSM.

It was quite an experience for me to spend the most part of yesterday at a friend’s in front of the TV. We watched mainly CNN where the Iran coverage constituted almost 70% of the program.

Various far-from-interesting-guests-and-experts would explain in length their difficulties to get information out of the country and what were the limitations imposed recently on foreign journalists. Footage of Iran consisted mainly of whatever they found on the net and guests would explain that they weren’t sure of the date and location. You had those who thought that President Obama was doing the “right thing” etc. My friend and I laughed at the “art” of talking and talking and not having much to say.

In short the only thing we learned about this lengthy Iran program with not much substance was the following: CNN was willing to invest a lot of its valuable air time to Iran despite the lack of facts, figures or in depth analysis.

No need to say that all my sympathies are toward the brave Iranians in the streets. Still this program was sort of ridiculous if you think that the Afghan, Iraqi or Palestinian people are systematically deprived of such an interest.

The line of the Nation magazine on the events in Iran is indistinguishable from that of the American political establishment. The background of its principal correspondent on the Iranian events, Robert Dreyfuss, deserves careful examination: here.

Nokia Siemens Networks under scrutiny for role in creating Iran’s system for internet snooping: here.

For a socialist, not a “color” revolution in Iran: here.

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